Thank You Kickstarter!

Maxx Bench Kickstarter Backers

Thank you to everyone who supported the Maxx Bench Kickstarter campaign! Without your amazing help, generous pledges, positive feedback and endless encouragement, we would never have succeeded. We are humbled and grateful for this experience. The Maxx Bench team is much larger than where we started and that is all because of YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We will keep all of you updates as we go along and we can’t wait to move forward on this journey!


A special thanks goes out to the following Kickstarter list as well as those that asked to have their names added to our Maxx Thank You Banner above! Check out our Thank You Banner hanging from Maxx Bench Headquarters!


1. Alejandro Martin
2. apread
3. Arrindell
4. Bauer
5. Chris Healey
6. daniel mcavera
7. Dean Peet
8. Erik Caron
9. Jack K
10. Jenna Beaumont
11. Joe Reetz
12. Josh Loyd Kellar
13. Kerry owen
14. Mark Massaro
15. Meredith
16. Mike A
17. Nathan Bywater
18. Parker
19. Robert H. Guinn
20. Savannah K
21. Scott Cush
22. Sheldon Prescott
23. Tarik Fayad
24. Taylor Osten
25. Tommy
26. Viola Darlak
27. Virgilio Polonio Mejia



Maxx Bench Thank You Banner
Thank You To All of Our Kickstarter Supporters

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